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By now, you have heard umpteen times that SEO is one of the most critical aspects in making your business/website visible on any search engine. So it is natural that you might wonder what is so much hype around this topic and how your business can benefit from it. Furthermore, you might have also heard that you can do SEO for your website, but it is better to hire a professional. 

Let’s start unraveling SEO and why a consulting service is needed step by step for your business website. 

If you are new to the digital world and the space of digital marketing, SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a little bit more complex than you think. So if you have been shopping online for SEO services and come across a range of SEO consultant services, it can still be difficult for you to fathom what they do. 

Despite all the talk about their services on their websites, it becomes difficult to decipher what they are saying when they use technical jargon that you might not be familiar with. 

In this article, we will answer some of these common queries you might have when looking for an SEO consulting company, like what they offer, what the consultant does, and how much you are likely to pay for their services.

SEO Consulting Services

If we put it in very simple words, SEO consulting services are companies that offer search engine optimization services for your website. The process helps improve the website’s visibility on the search engines or what we often term online. The services include features like:

• Improved Ranking 

• Increased traffic

• More leads and sales 

• Exposure

• Brand Credibility 

The consulting service will make changes to your website content and, when required, design too to ensure that the site is more attractive and gets indexed by Google.

Basically, the better the consulting service’s optimization, the more likely it is that your site will be ranking (i.e., appearing) higher on the search pages. This is done by using the relevant keywords in your content and the words used to search for such a product. 

One of the major benefits that SEO Consulting Services can offer that will have the edge over those doing the optimization by themselves is their experience in how to bring in more organic traffic to the website through the search engines. 

A reputed SEO consulting service employs a range of SEO experts who have specialties in search engine optimization areas. 

Search Engine Optimisation – What does an SEO consultant do?

An SEO consultant’s main job is to understand your business, equip you with basic SEO know-how, and make continuous tweaks and modifications to ensure your website is performing well. Their service includes:

  • SEO Audit 
  • Keywords Analysis
  • Content Strategy
  • Competitors Research

SEO Audits

SEO Audits are to learn about your site in detail and understand where and how it is falling short of reaching its goals. 

Developing SEO strategy

after the audit, they will develop a customized strategy for your website because this is one place where one size does not fit all. Every business is different. Hence how to optimize them needs to be different too. 

Keyword analysis

part of developing the strategy to optimize the website and conduct an in-depth keyword analysis. The use of both appropriate Long-term keywords and short-term keywords will increase the website’s optimization, thus ranking on the search engines. However, the SEO consultant needs to be mindful of not over-stuffing (overusing) keywords, as this will prove to be detrimental to the website and its ranking. 

Content strategy

Incorporating the keywords in the content is essential. For a website to work and draw the target audience in, an SEO consultant is responsible for creating a content strategy across the business’s digital platform. This content strategy can include a range of posts, like blogs, social media posts, vlogs, FAQs, and live interaction with the audience, to name a few. But all this content should revolve around the business and the brand that the website intends to create while targeting a higher ranking on the SERPs. 

Competitors Research

one of the primary jobs that SEO consultants undertake to help your website work better than your competitors is to study your competitors well. They look into the factors that are working in their favor and those that are not. Also, the gaps in their online marketing strategy can be utilized by your website, thus giving you the edge over them. 

The work of an SEO consultant is extensive and exhaustive to ensure that your website ranks higher in the SERPs. But for any SEO consultant service that promises to make your website number one in the search engine in no time or a couple of months, you should be wary of it. The main reason, getting organic traffic and ranking higher organically needs time. 

Social Media Marketing

While an SEO consultant business looks into all these factors to rank a website higher and increase its business, the consultants work extensively in social media marketing. An SEO consultant knows the importance of social media marketing. It might seem social media signals do not directly affect search engine rankings. When links are shared on social media platforms, it gives the website more exposure, bringing in more traffic. 

An SEO consultant uses social media sot get support for SEO in the following steps:

• Publishing informative and intriguing content on the platform

• Content is shared and linked to the website

• The platform gets followers this the site gains traffic

• Community around the brand grows

• Consistent interaction is established between the brand and the followers through social media

• Search engines index higher website 

• Users start finding the website organically

Web Design

An SEO consulting business is also involved in designing a website that is search engine friendly. This means that the search engines like Google, Bing, etc., can crawl each page easily and efficiently and interpret it to index it in the database. Proper indexing means they can access the server and the most relevant and valuable web pages for the topics that one searches for. A good SEO service team will integrate the web designing process in their SEO service to give the client a better indexation and ranking of the page. 

With all these services offered by a good SEO consulting business, it is time to know how much you are likely to pay for their service.

SEO Consultant Rates

The rate of an SEO consultant depends on quite a few factors, like the reputation of the company and the consultant, the services you are getting, and the company’s location. For example, an SEO consultant service in India will charge you less than one in Australia.  

How much do SEO consultants charge?

This can be further broken down to whether they are charging you per hour, or per month, i.e., if you keep them on a monthly retainer or per project. But you can expect to spend between $75 and $150 per hour to $1,000 and $5,000 per month for SEO consultant service.

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